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Virginia Traffic School

Virginia driving school is available to motorists who wish to remove demerit points from their driver records or improve their defensive driving skills. Additionally, DMV traffic school is available to motorists who wish to add safe driving points to their driver records, which can help reduce auto insurance premiums if insurance providers offer good driver discounts. In other cases, traffic school is mandatory to avoid a driver license suspension or revocation after certain types of motor vehicle convictions. While online driving school is an option for many motorists in the state, it does not satisfy mandatory driving course requirements for motorists under 20 years of age. Instead, young drivers who need to complete mandatory driving classes must complete courses in a classroom setting. To learn more about driver improvement course benefits or how to enroll in VA driver school, review the sections below.

What is Virginia DMV traffic school?

The Virginia driver improvement program is overseen by the state Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). The program includes driving lessons, rewards for safe drivers and demerit points for unsafe motorists. In some cases, a defensive driving course may be mandatory after a demerit-point traffic conviction. Motorists may also choose to complete a driving class to improve their skills as a driver, keep car insurance rates low or remove demerit points from their driving records. When motorists attend traffic school in Virginia, they learn the following:

  • Defensive driving strategies
  • Crash avoidance and prevention
  • Local driving laws and regulations

If motorists wish to complete a VA driving course, then they may enroll in traffic school online or in a DMV-approved classroom setting. However, online driving classes do not meet mandatory requirements for drivers under 20 years of age. If young motorists need to meet mandatory drivers training requirements, then they must enroll in an on-site course.

Virginia Driving School Benefits

When motorists attend traffic school, they learn important driving techniques to help them prevent and avoid collisions or moving violations while keeping their driver records free of demerit points. Additionally, attending a traffic school can help motorists remove future demerit points from their driving records. Through the VA driver improvement program, motorists can earn a total of five safe driving points for each full calendar year their records remain free of demerit points, moving violations, license suspensions and revocations. After motorists earn safe driving points, they can use them to offset future demerit points if they commit a minor traffic violation. Additional Virginia DMV traffic lesson benefits include lowering car insurance premiums, improving driving skills and meeting DMV or court requirements.

Note: If you complete a defensive driving course to earn safe driver points, you will not receive discounts on your car insurance premiums. You can only complete a VA driving course to receive insurance discounts (if your insurance company offers them) or to receive safe driving points.

Types of Driving Classes in Virginia

Under the Virginia driving improvement program, motorists may complete an online driving course or they may enroll in classroom-taught lessons. In most cases, online driver lessons are not accepted by the court or for motorists under the age of 20. However, a classroom driver improvement course is available to all motorists, whether they need to meet mandatory requirements or are attending DMV traffic school to improve their defensive driving skills.

Online Driving School

Completing Virginia traffic school online is a convenient way to improve driving skills while earning as many as five safe driving points in a 24-month period. However, all driving course final exams must be taken in person at a centralized testing site. Before enrolling in an online DMV traffic school, motorists must verify that the court accepts such courses. Furthermore, online driving classes in VA are not available to drivers who received a motor vehicle conviction while under 20 years of age or mandatory commercial driver improvement course requirements.

Classroom Traffic School

If motorists cannot complete traffic school online, then they must enroll in a classroom driver improvement clinic to meet mandatory state requirements. An in-person VA driver improvement course consists of eight classroom hours and is available at various sites throughout the state.

DMV Traffic School for Mature Drivers

Several types of VA driving courses are geared toward mature drivers in the state. Mature driver safety lessons help older motorists refresh their driving skills and learn new motor vehicle rules and regulations. While mature motorists cannot complete a driving class to receive safe driver points, they may enroll in traffic school to receive discounts on car insurance premiums or to meet the requirements of committing a traffic infraction. Mature driver safety courses are available through AAA, AARP or the American Safety Council.

Note: If the court or DMV orders you to complete driving lessons, then you will not earn safe driving points.

Virginia Driver Improvement Course Enrollment

If motorists attend DMV driving school to improve their defensive driver techniques or earn safe driver points, then they may enroll in an online or classroom-taught course at a time that works best for them. Since the completion of driving school often provides students with safe driver points, motorists may choose to complete a VA driving lesson before the end of the calendar year, as the state awards safe driving points in April of each year. If motorists must complete a mandatory defensive driving lesson, however, they must complete the driving class within 90 days of the conviction to avoid a driver license or permit suspension.

“How much is traffic school in Virginia?” is a question motorists often ask. Fortunately, affordable traffic school options are available to motorists in the state. In most cases, traffic training can be relatively low. However, the cost of online driving school may vary by instructor. To learn more about the cost of driving lessons in VA, students must contact instructors directly.

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