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Virginia Motorcycle Insurance

Certification of motorcycle insurance in Virginia is a requirement prior to registering a motorcycle, automobile or other type of motor vehicle in the state, unless registrants choose to pay an uninsured motor vehicle (UMV) fee. Motorists who do not get motorcycle insurance must pay the UMV fee annually, as it expires when the vehicle’s annual registration materials expire. However, the average motorcycle insurance cost for basic coverage ranges between policy types and companies, making motorbike insurance much more affordable than paying the annual UMV fee. Many affordable motorcycle insurance policies are available to motorcyclists who wish to receive minimum coverage or who want to purchase full coverage motorcycle insurance if they wish to receive a more comprehensive policy for added financial protection. To get started, search for motorcycle insurance quotes here. To learn more about obtaining insurance for motorcycle vehicles and how to get motorcycle insurance in VA, review the sections below.

Virginia Motorcycle Insurance Requirements

When motorcyclists search for a motorcycle insurance quote in VA, they must ensure that the policy meets all minimum requirements under the state Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and the Bureau of Insurance (BOI) under the State Corporation Commission (SCC). When customers get motorcycle insurance on a new or used vehicle, they must purchase $25,000/$50,000/$20,000 liability insurance, which covers the following:

  • $25,000 for the bodily injury or death of one person
  • $50,000 for the bodily injury or death of two or more individuals
  • $20,000 for property damages

Additionally, many motorcycle insurance companies offer comprehensive coverage for motorbikes as well. When purchasing insurance for a motorcycle in Virginia, drivers may choose from physical damage coverage, medical expense benefits, loss of income coverage or transportation reimbursement. To get started, motorists can obtain an online motorcycle insurance quote for a policy that meets minimum insurance requirements or they may search for full-coverage motorbike insurance quotes if they prefer. Find affordable Virginia motorcycle insurance online and save money by comparing motorcycle insurance quotes here.

Virginia Motorcycle Insurance Benefits

“Why should I get motorbike insurance in Virginia?” is a question state motorcyclists may ask. While proof of insurance for a motorcycle is not a requirement to operate a motor vehicle in the state, it is a requirement to avoid paying the UMV fee. Since the state has a financial responsibility law, all motorists must show that they can pay for any losses resulting from vehicles they operate or own. Motorcyclists can prove financial responsibility by getting motorcycle insurance to meet minimum state requirements and submitting proof of insurance when registering the vehicle or they may pay the UMV fee when registering the motorbike while remaining uninsured. However, motorcycle insurance coverage is not included under the UMV fee. The UMV fee simply allows motorists to register their vehicles without showing proof of insurance. After motorists pay the UMV fee, they may ride their motorcycles at their own risk.

When motorists buy cheap motorcycle insurance in Virginia, they can avoid paying the costly UMV fee and any additional expenses that may come their way in the event of an accident. When drivers do not get insurance for a motorcycle, their wages, home or other assets may be used to pay any claims against them. However, purchasing motorcycle insurance protects drivers from this financial risk. To find an affordable motorbike insurance policy, motorcyclists may compare quotes in Virginia online here.

How to Get Virginia Motorcycle Insurance

There are several ways to purchase affordable motorcycle insurance in Virginia, including online, through a car or motorcycle insurance company or through the provider you use for your auto insurance policy. However, VA motorcycle insurance rates vary by company, as Virginia has a competitive rating law which allows companies to charge different prices for insurance. For this reason, shopping around for a motorcycle insurance quote that best fits your budget and lifestyle is a crucial step in the process of purchasing insurance. To get started, you can get an online motorcycle insurance quote or you may contact several motorcycle insurance companies to gather rates from each. To simplify the process of purchasing motorcycle insurance in VA, however, you can save money by comparing motorcycle insurance quotes here.

How much is motorcycle insurance in Virginia?

The best motorcycle insurance policy for one motorist may not be an appropriate motorbike insurance policy for another driver. This is because motorcycle insurance quotes vary depending on the motorist’s driving history, policy type and credit score. Since VA motorcycle insurance costs vary by company, policy type and the history of the customer, a one-size-fits-all insurance plan is not available to motorists. For instance, a driver’s VA motorcycle insurance costs vary depending on the following criteria:

  • Accident history
  • Age, marital status and gender
  • Location
  • Usage
  • The motorcycle’s safety features, if applicable
  • The make and model of the motorbike

Virginia motorcycle insurance companies may also factor in the driving record of any individual residing in the insured’s home. For instance, the driving record of a newly-licensed driver may impact the motorbike insurance premiums of his or her parents. Additionally, the cost of Virginia motorcycle insurance varies depending on the specific policy type. While the cheapest motorcycle insurance policy may sound ideal, it may not provide drivers with the amount of coverage they desire. As a rule, motorists should purchase motorcycle insurance based on the amount of protection they need. If motorists own a home and earn a stable wage, then a full coverage motorcycle insurance policy may be a smarter choice for them, while a minimum coverage motorbike insurance plan may be a better solution for motorists who have fewer assets to protect. To find a VA motorcycle insurance policy that fits the amount of protection needed, get motorcycle insurance quotes here.