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SR22 Insurance in Virginia

A Virginia SR22 insurance policy is required when you fail to meet state car insurance minimums. Filing an sr22 form may also be required if you commit certain violations that result in a drivers license suspension. When you hear the term SR22 insurance, be aware that SR22 is a form that an insurance agent files with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) on your behalf. SR-22 forms certify that you have obtained insurance coverage that meets Virginia’s minimum requirements. If you are wondering “who needs SR22 insurance?” note that it is not a requirement for all drivers. Instead, you will receive a notification from a judge or the DMV when this insurance is required. SR-22 rates can vary by insurance company, so it is important to shop around for quotes from more than one company. Get SR22 insurance quotes. In the sections below, learn more about the reasons that SR-22 insurance may be required and find out how to get sr22 insurance in Virginia.

Types of SR-22 Insurance in Virginia

There are two main types of VA SR22 insurance that you may be required to obtain: SR-22 and FR-44 coverage. Virginia is one of the few states that has both SR-22 and FR-44 certification requirements. These two financial responsibility certifications are similar in nature. However, FR-44 forms are required for more serious offenses, and you are required to obtain more insurance coverage before filing an FR-44. An SR22 form may be required when any of the following situations apply:

  • You have an unsatisfied court judgement against you.
  • Your drivers license was suspended because you violated Virginia’s car insurance requirements.
  • You knowingly made a false claim on a drivers license or car registration application.
  • Your drivers license was suspended after you committed a crime with your motor vehicle.
  • You received a drivers license suspension for committing vehicular homicide.

Instead of SR22 insurance, you may need to get FR-44 certification if you are convicted of driving under the influence (DUI). FR-44 will also be required instead of an SR22 if you injured or killed anyone while driving your vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Furthermore, you need to file an FR-44 form if you are convicted of driving after your license has been forfeited. If you have been convicted of an offense that requires SR-22 or FR-44 insurance, find quotes for SR22 insurance in Virginia.

How to Get SR22 Insurance in Virginia

When SR22 insurance is required, you will receive a notification informing you of your obligations. In most cases, an sr22 form will need to be filed on your behalf by your car insurance company. If you do not have car insurance, you need to obtain a policy before you can file the form. Getting SR22 insurance and keeping your form valid will require that you maintain your insurance policy and keep making your insurance payments in order to avoid additional penalties. If you do not have insurance, you can also look for Virginia SR22 quoteshere before applying for a policy.

To get SR22 certification, notify your insurance company that you are required to file a form. After your SR22 form is filed, you will need to pay fees to the DMV in order to reinstate your drivers license. Your eligibility for reinstating your drivers license will vary based on the type and severity of your offense.

SR22 and FR-44 Requirements in Virginia

Having SR22 insurance requires that you consistently maintain a car insurance policy. When filing an SR22 form in VA, you agree to obtain or maintain a policy that meets the minimum liability insurance requirements. The following are Virginia auto insurance minimum requirements:

  • $25,000 for the injury or death of one person per accident.
  • $50,000 for the death or injury of more than one person per accident.
  • $20,000 for property damage per accident.

Note that the SR22 insurance requirements are the same as the insurance limits that most other drivers must meet. If you need to get FR-44 certification rather than file an SR-22 form, note that you must get a policy that provides $50,000 for the injury or death of one person, $100,000 for the injury or death of two people and $40,000 in property damage coverage. FR-44 insurance limits are double what the Virginia SR-22 insurance limits are due to the fact that FR-44 forms are usually required after more serious violations. SR-22 forms must be on file with the DMV for three years. If you need SR22 insurance, find quotes and rates here.