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DUIs in Virginia

Virginia DUI and DWI laws pertain to all drivers in the state, including those operating a moped, boat or watercraft. After getting a DUI or DWI for the first time, motorists may face serious driving penalties, including a one-year driver license revocation and a minimum fine. DUI penalties for second offenses or any subsequent convictions are much stricter, as they result in a possible jail term, larger fines and driver license revocations of up to three years. Since DUI consequences are so severe, it is vital for motorists to find a reputable DUI lawyer, as such legal counsel deals with these specific charges. Drivers facing DUI or DWI penalties can find a DUI lawyer here. To learn more about Virginia DUI laws and what drivers can do if charged with DUI offenses, review the sections below.

DUI Laws in Virginia

DUI and DWI convictions differ in many states, but the penalties for each remain the same in the state of Virginia. Generally, DWI consequences pertain to motorists who drive while impaired by drugs or alcohol, while a DUI pertains to motorists who drive while over the legal alcohol limit. In some states, DWI laws are not as severe as the penalties of getting a DUI, but this is not the case in Virginia. VA DUI or DWI laws refer to both terms, as they are used interchangeably in the state. However, a DUI defense attorney can help drivers understand the penalties of such convictions.

DUI and DWI laws pertain to motorists who drive a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.08 or higher or driving with an open bottle of alcohol in the vehicle. If law enforcement stops drivers for any reason and notices an open container of alcohol in the car, then motorists may receive a charge for drinking and driving, especially if they exhibit signs of intoxication. In other cases, drivers may need a Virginia DWI attorney, even if their BAC is under the legal limit. If driving under the influence impairs driving abilities in any way, motorists may face the same penalties as they would if their BAC was over the legal limit. Motorists can obtain additional DUI information by speaking with a reputable DUI attorney in Virginia. To get started, find a DUI lawyer online here.

DWI and DUI Consequences in Virginia

“What happens if you get a DUI in Virginia?” is something motorists in the state may ask. DUI or DWI consequences vary depending on if motorists are convicted of the crime after they go to trial, as well as the number of offenses they have. A DUI defense lawyer can help motorists understand these charges more thoroughly. Additionally, drunk driving lawyers can help motorists to dismiss their more severe charges. For instance, Virginia DUI penalties for first-time convictions may include:

  • A minimum fine of $250.
  • A one-year driver license revocation.
  • Installment of an ignition interlock device.
  • Additional fees, if drivers cause a crash while driving under the influence.
  • Mandatory screening through an Alcohol Safety Action Program (ASAP).

Second-time DUI convictions in VA may include the following:

  • A minimum $500 fine
  • A three-year driver license revocation
  • A possible jail term of up to one year

If the second-time DUI conviction occurs within a 10-year period, then drivers automatically receive a minimum 10-day jail term or a mandatory 20-day jail term if the second DUI offense occurs within five years of the first conviction. Furthermore, three DUI or DWI convictions within a 10-year period results in an indefinite driver license revocation, a minimum fine of $1,000 and possible felony prosecution. Any subsequent DUI and DWI penalties in Virginia result in additional jail time and increased fines. If motorists operate their vehicle during their driver license revocation period, then they will receive a 90-day vehicle impoundment if law enforcement stops them for any reason.

Due to the severity of DUI charges in VA, a knowledgeable DWI defense attorney is vital. For additional drunk driving information and consultation, drivers can contact a DUI or DWI lawyer for assistance. Search for drunk driving defense lawyers here.

Note: If DUI and DWI offenses involve a juvenile passenger younger than 17 years of age, stricter penalties apply. However, lawyer DUI assistance is available to help drivers avoid facing the maximum penalties for their alcohol or drug-related crime.

What to Expect When You Get A DUI in Virginia

When drivers are charged with a DUI in VA, they need to submit to a mandatory breath test or face the consequences of refusal. If convicted in court, then DUI consequences for breath test refusal include a possible driver license suspension of one year or more. Additionally, automatic DUI penalties for driving under the influence and/or refusing a breath test include a seven-day driver license suspension (for BAC levels of 0.08 percent or higher) or a 60-day driver license suspension for second offenses.

Furthermore, DUI convictions often vary depending on the specific situation, which is why DWI defense assistance is so crucial. After getting a DUI in Virginia, drivers need a professional DUI defense to help them make decisions as they face their possible convictions. A drunk driving attorney can help motorists understand their DUI and DWI convictions after they drive under the impairment of drugs and/or alcohol. Motorists can find a DUI lawyer online here.

Why hire a DUI attorney in Virginia?

There are many benefits to hiring an alcohol or drug DUI attorney in Virginia, as a professional and experienced criminal DUI attorney can help motorists understand the consequences of driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Additionally, a criminal DUI lawyer can help drivers dispute or reduce their charges. Drivers who do not get lawyer DWI assistance may face the maximum penalties for their moving violations. However, motorists who hire a DUI lawyer have a greater chance of fighting or reducing their charges or possible convictions. Residents can find a drunk driving defense lawyer in Virginia here to help them dismiss severe penalties.