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Top Job Search Tools in Virginia

Despite how many job opportunities are available in Virginia, it can still be very challenging for job seekers to find employment. Part of the challenge of finding a job in Virginia is figuring out where to start. Because so many job offers are posted digitally, it is easier for job seekers to quickly apply to jobs, which means quite often the job is filled quickly. As such, employers are flooded with potential job applicants.

The best way to find a job in Virginia is to use some of the job search tools provided by the state. Job search tools have a variety of functions. Some of them are designed for specific groups of people, such as veterans. Other job search tools are specifically for internships or employment on the federal level. In addition to digital job search tools, job seekers should also look for job fairs held in the state. Job seekers should also consider local resources, such as temp agencies.


Jobs.Virginia is managed by the state of Virginia. This job search program has several different options available for job seekers. As expected, the main purpose of this program is to help job seekers find employment by searching through job listings. Job seekers can browse a number of different job postings across Virginia. Before applying for any jobs, job seekers must complete an I-9 form. This form simply confirms employee eligibility, which lets potential employers know that all the information provided by an applicant is correct.

Jobs.Virginia also has additional resources for veterans to find work and a separate section for job seekers looking for internship opportunities. There is also a section available to help non-U.S. citizens find work in Virginia and contact the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to become legal citizens.

Virginia’s SkillSource

Not all job search tools are repositories of job listings. One of the problems many job seekers face is they are unsure of which careers are good fits for them or even careers for which they are qualified. SkillSource is a free program that helps job seekers find both short and long-term careers. The program also helps job seekers find appropriate training programs for careers they are interested in.

SkillSource is still useful for job seekers who already know what career path they want to take. Job seekers have the opportunity to work with job center agents to help complete their resumes. In addition, job centers provide access to phones, fax machines, computers and copiers to job seekers who lack these resources at their homes.

Ticket to Work in Virginia

Ticket to Work is a job search program available through the Social Security Administration. The program is specifically available for job seekers between the ages of 18 and 64 who are actively receiving disability benefits. For many disabled job seekers, it can be challenging to find work. Various kinds of disability benefits are only available to beneficiaries who are not working, which is problematic for disabled job seekers who can still do some work, but cannot give up their disability benefits. Ticket to Work helps these job seekers find work that is accommodating for their condition and will not cause them to lose any of their disability benefits.

Virginia Veterans Employment Service Office (VESO)

VESO works directly with veterans who are trying to transition back into their civilian life. The program places a strong focus on assisting veterans that were wounded while serving, but it is still available to all veterans. One of the services provided through VESO is helping veterans apply their military experience to job searches.

Virginia Internship Programs

The Federal Career Intern Program is aimed primarily at college students who are unsure of what to do with their degrees upon graduation. The program works directly alongside students, finding various internships available in Virginia that match the student’s degree. These programs are very helpful for students. Not only does it provide them with practical experience they can list on their resume, but it also helps students develop connections in their industry. Many students will go on to graduate and receive a job from the company they interned with.

The other internship program available in Virginia is the Pathways Internship Program. Pathways is very similar to the Federal Career Intern Program, but it is aimed at a slightly larger audience. In addition, the program focuses on paid internships, as long as the job seeker is still enrolled in school.

LinkedIn for Virginia Jobs

On the website LinkedIn, job seekers can post their applications and search for jobs. Unlike the other job search programs, it is not limited to Virginia, so job seekers must be very selective when searching for work. One of the greatest benefits of LinkedIn is it easily allows job seekers to upload and frequently update their resume. The easy-to-use interface is very convenient for both job seekers and employers.

Career Centers and Job Fairs

An often-overlooked job seeking tool is the face-to-face meeting. Job fairs and employment events allow employees to network with employers from a wide range of industries. Workers who attend these sessions should bring copies of their resume to the event in case a potential employer is interested in seeing it. Learn which employers will be at the job fair beforehand and do some research on the companies so you can be ready with questions.

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