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Virginia Driving Records

Your Virginia driving record (also known as your DMV driving history) is important for many reasons. The information on your driving record adds up over time and may cause you to lose your driver privileges if you do not monitor your DMV driving record and improve your habits. For instance, your personal driving history contains any demerit points you may have accumulated for committing traffic violations, such as speeding or running a red light, or it may include safe driver points for driving without any traffic violations, license suspensions or revocations. If your drivers record accumulates too many demerit points, then you may lose your driving privileges. For this reason, it is crucial to check driving recordpoints on a regular basis.To learn more about the importance of your personal driving record in VA or to learn how to check your driving record, review the information below.

What types of Virginia driving records are available?

Several types of personal driver records are available through the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Virginia DMV driving records include official driver/vehicle transcripts, unofficial compliance summaries and basic driver and vehicle information.

Driver/Vehicle Transcripts

An official VA driving record is available directly through the DMV. However, the type of drivers record you order depends on the specific reason for your request. Official DMV driving records include the following:

  • Driver/Personal Use – for your own private use
  • Driver/Employment/Military – for prospective employers or authorized agents
  • Driver/Transportation Network Companies – for employment purposes
  • Driver/Insurance – for insurance purposes
  • Driver/Habitual Offender Restoration – for petitioning the court in restoring driver license privileges

When requesting VA DMV driver history records, you may either view your record electronically or you may request an official copy by mail for a nominal fee. If you wish to certify your copy of driving record documentation, then you must pay an additional fee.

Compliance Summaries

If you wish to check your VA driving record for information pertaining to license or vehicle registration reinstatements, then you must request a compliance summary. However, this type of driving record is unofficial and is meant to assist in reinstating a driver license or vehicle registration suspension or revocation. Through such records, you can view the following information:

  • Outstanding fees you must pay
  • Documentation you must present to the DMV
  • The specific dates of your suspension and/or revocation period
  • Pending requirements for any outstanding license suspensions or cancellations

The compliance summary Virginia DMV driving record assists in reinstating your driver license or vehicle registration, but you cannot use it to meet official or certified personal drivers record requirements.

Basic Driver and Vehicle Information

Another option is to complete a DMV record search if you wish to obtain basic information about your driver history in Virginia, such as your points balance. To obtain your basic personal driving history, you may view your customer profile through your myDMV account to find information such as driving restrictions, driver license renewals and registration renewals. When you access your driving records online through your myDMV account, it is important to remember that these transcripts are unofficial and are for your own personal use. If you need an official copy of your Virginia driving record, then you must complete a driver/vehicle transcript request.

What information is on your Virginia driving record?

When you request an official copy of Virginia DMV driving records, you can find information pertaining to demerit points on your transcript, safe driver points or motor vehicle violations and convictions (including out-of-state motor vehicle infractions). Driving records also include your accident history, driver license status, your history of license suspensions or revocations and personal information. In most cases, your drivers record includes demerit points for a total of two years before the DMV removes them. However, severe traffic infractions may remain on your DMV driver record for longer than two years, depending on the severity of the violation. Additionally, VA driving records include the following information, depending on the type of transcript you request:

  • Driver/Personal Use Transcripts – up to 11 years of personal driving history
  • Driver/Employment/Military Records – up to seven years of driver history
  • Driver/Transportation Network Companies – up to seven years of driving information
  • Driver/Insurance Summary – up to five years of DMV driving history
  • Driver/Habitual Offender Restoration Transcript – up to 11 years of driver record information

What information is not included in your Virginia driving record?

While your driving record contains information about your history as a motorist, it does not include any other criminal charges under your name, unless violations are driving-related. Additionally, your Virginia driving record does not include vehicle history information, such as VIN checks. The information on your DMV driver record varies depending on the type of transcript you request. Before checking your driving record or ordering an official copy of your transcript, you must verify the type of record you need.

How to Get Your Driving Record in Virginia

Learning how to get a copy of your driving record includes understanding the type of record you wish to obtain. If you want to check your personal driving history to find basic driver information, then you may view your customer profile online. If you wish to obtain an unofficial compliance summary for license reinstatement purposes, then you may submit an online Compliance Summary Request through the DMV. If you wish to obtain an official Virginia driver record, then you may submit a request online, in person or by mail.


To request a copy of your drivers record online, you must log on to the myDMV website by entering your driver license or Social Security Number and your birth date. When obtaining your VA driving records online, you must pay a nominal fee.

In Person

If you wish to request your Virginia DMV driving history in person, then you may visit a DMV customer service center to submit proof of identification along with the search fee. Acceptable proof of identification includes a photo ID card or driver license.

By Mail

To obtain your VA driving record copy by mail, you must complete an Information Request form or submit a written application to the DMV’s Vehicle (Driver) Records Work Center in Richmond. Written driving history requests must include your full name, Social Security Number, address and a reason for the request.