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Virginia VIN Check |

VIN Checks in Virginia

A Virginia VIN check is an important step to complete before you purchase a used vehicle from a licensed car dealership or private seller in the state. A vehicle identification number check (also known as a VIN lookup) helps you learn more about a vehicle’s history before you make the decision to purchase it. If you do not know the car’s VIN, then you can easily locate it on your own before completing a VIN number lookup through an online service or other method. Completing an online VIN code lookup is the easiest and most convenient way to find additional information on the vehicle you plan to purchase. After inspecting the vehicle and locating its vehicle identification number, you can submit a request for a VIN check online here. It is important to perform VIN checks before buying cars so that you can know what you are investing in. To learn more about checking VIN numbers in Virginia, review the information below.

What a Virginia VIN Check Includes

A Virginia VIN number check provides you with vital information about the vehicle you plan to purchase, including details pertaining to its registration history, title, accident involvement, safety recalls and its previous owners. Since a VIN number is like a vehicle’s fingerprints, a VIN number report can tell you a great deal about the car’s history and overall performance. Additionally, VIN numbers are different for each vehicle, as they consist of 17 unique characters ranging from letters to numerical digits. For instance, when you lookup VIN codes, you can find out whether the car was previously used as a rental vehicle, taxi or lease. The information found on VIN checks for VA cars may or may not deter you from purchasing a vehicle, depending on your needs. For this reason, a VIN code lookup in Virginia is crucial during the process of buying a used vehicle. When you check VIN number codes, you can learn more about the following:

  • Unique vehicle features
  • The manufacturer
  • Warranty claims
  • Incomplete or open safety recalls
  • Completed safety recalls
  • Damages from floods
  • Accident history
  • Structural damages
  • Services and repairs
  • Safety ratings

Furthermore, a Virginia VIN number search is a crucial step that many car shoppers, law enforcement agencies, manufacturers and auto shops complete. A VIN report can help you to feel more confident with your decision to purchase a car, as VIN checks often include information about any thefts or stolen parts associated with the vehicle. Before purchasing an automobile, check your vehicle’s history by submitting a VIN request here.

How to Perform a VIN Number Lookup in Virginia

When looking up VIN number codes, you can instantly obtain results by completing the request online. Online VIN lookups in Virginia eliminate the need to visit the state Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), complete a lengthy application or wait days for results to arrive in the mail. An online VIN history report gives you instant access to the history of the vehicle you plan to purchase, helping you feel more confident with your decision to purchase the used automobile. Get your VIN check instantly by submitting your request here.

If you are wondering how to check VIN number codes through the Virginia DMV, then it is important to keep in mind that the state’s VIN check differs slightly. Like a VIN number report, the Virginia DMV allows you to submit a Prospective Purchase Inquiry (PPI) for a fee before purchasing a used vehicle. Similar to a Virginia VIN check, a PPI Report can tell you about the vehicle’s history, including any accidents or total losses the car is associated with or if the vehicle has ever been rebuilt. While a PPI Report can tell you a great deal about a vehicle’s Virginia VIN, it does not contain any personal details about the car’s previous owner(s).

To obtain a PPI Report and learn more about the car’s VIN history in VA, you may submit the request online through the DMV’s website, in person at a DMV customer service center or by completing a Request for Vehicle Information by a Prospective Purchaser form and mailing it to the DMV in Richmond. However, the mailing method can take up to 15 days to return results. If you are looking for instant VIN number results, submit your request for a VIN check online today.

When to Complete a VIN Number Lookup in Virginia

Virginia VIN lookups are not a requirement prior to purchasing a used vehicle in the state, but they are recommended to even the most experienced car buyers and sellers. Not only does a vehicle identification number check provide buyers with peace of mind as they shop for a reliable used vehicle, but it can also help drivers determine if the seller is giving them a good deal on the automobile. For this reason, the best time to complete a VIN number check is prior to purchasing a vehicle from a dealership or private seller. The seller may try to convince the buyer that there are no issues with the vehicle’s title, safety recalls or accident history, but that does not mean he or she is being completely transparent. Instead, motorists may obtain a VIN report before making the decision to purchase the vehicle. Get an instant VIN history report here.

How to Find a Vehicle’s VIN in Virginia

Your vehicle’s VIN number is easy to locate without professional assistance. To check your Virginia VIN number, simply stand outside of the driver’s side of the automobile and look for the car’s vehicle identification number near its dashboard. In most cases, you can find VINs where the dashboard meets the windshield. If you do not see the car’s VIN code from that position, then you can open the driver’s side door and look for it near the door post. After you locate the car’s VIN, you can complete an online VIN check here.