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How to Replace a Car Registration in Virginia

You may need to replace car registration in Virginia when your original car registration items become lost, damaged or out of date. Replacing car registration can be completed at the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). When you have lost car registration documents, you may request duplicate papers that show the same information. You can also get a copy of car registration that displays different information, such as a new name or address. Furthermore, you may replace car registration license plates with plates that show new numbers. Learn how to replace car registration items in Virginia.

Reasons to Get a DMV Registration Copy in Virginia

A Virginia DMV copy of registration may be required in a number of circumstances. Replacing your car registration is necessary if anything happens to your registration card, your registration renewal decals or your license plates. These items can all be lost, stolen or damaged beyond use. It is also possible that the DMV lost registration items in the mail and you never received your documents or credentials in the first place. You need a copy of your car registration card in your vehicle at all times because it will usually be requested when you are pulled over by a law enforcement officer. Failing to provide your car registration may result in consequences such as a traffic ticket. You should also replace your vehicle registration card if it becomes damaged or mutilated. Damaged cards may not be acceptable proof that your vehicle is registered to you.

Similarly, ordering duplicate car registration plates is required when your license plates are damaged, mutilated, stolen or lost. Replacing car registration plates may be necessary if your plates become damaged after an accident or general wear and tear. License plates can also be stolen easily. Getting a replacement car registration license plate is important after your plates are stolen, but it is also important to file a police report as soon as possible. Stolen license plates can be used fraudulently or for criminal activity, so it is important to protect yourself from consequences by reporting the theft.

Getting replacement car registration decals in Virginia is equally important if your stickers are mutilated, stolen or lost. A copy of car registration stickers should always be displayed on your front and back license plates. It is easy for your decals to become damaged. Unfortunately, thieves can also steal car registration stickers. If you are replacing a Virginia car registration decal because you believe your stickers were stolen, then you may choose to file a police report about the suspected theft.

How soon should I replace car registration in Virginia?

No matter your reason for replacing Virginia car registration items, it is important to obtain a copy as soon as possible. A Virginia DMV copy of registration may take time to process, and you will want to have your replacement car registration items in hand as soon as possible to avoid consequences. When you are unable to provide your car registration card or display your license plates and stickers, keep in mind that you may be penalized, even if the missing items are not your fault.

Methods for Replacing Virginia Car Registration

You may replace car registration online, through the mail or in person at a Virginia DMV office. Replacing car registration online is a convenient option that can be used in most cases. If you prefer to replace car registration in Virginia by visiting a DMV office, then note that you may be charged an additional fee. As a rule, when you choose to utilize a DMV office for a service that can be completed online or through the mail, you may be charged a service fee. However, you will not pay a fee if you are only eligible to perform your transaction in person. Since replacing vehicle registration online or through the mail is an option for most drivers, it is recommended that you try one of those methods before visiting the DMV in person.

Steps for Replacing Car Registration Online in Virginia

Replacing Virginia car registration online requires that you visit the DMV website. You may replace car registration by logging into an existing DMV customer account. If you do not have an account, then you may create one. Alternatively, you can replace car registration online by entering your car title number and the last four digits of your vehicle identification number (VIN). Next, you will enter the other required information about your vehicle. Replacing your car registration card online does not require that you make a payment. However, there is a fee to obtain new license plates or registration sticker copies. If you are requesting new license plates or registration stickers online, then your items will be sent in the mail. Replacing a car registration card online gives you the option of printing your new card immediately or ordering a copy of your registration card in the mail.

How to Replace Car Registration in Virginia by Mail

Replacing car registration in Virginia can also be done through the mail. To replace car registration items by mail, you will complete a form called the Vehicle Registration Application. The form is used for most other car registration transactions, so it is important to indicate on your application that you need a replacement. Note that a fee is charged for getting duplicate car registration cards, license plates and registration stickers when you apply for a replacement through the mail. When your application is complete, attach the appropriate payment and send the form to the address indicated at the top of the application.

Obtaining Duplicate Car Registration in Virginia in Person

Getting a Virginia DMV copy of car registration in person can be completed at any Customer Service Center or DMV Select office. To get a Virginia car registration copy, you will need to fill out the Vehicle Registration Application as you would when obtaining your replacement items through the mail. When replacing car registration in person, be prepared to pay a fee for your registration copies, as well as a service fee. Note that DMV Select locations usually do not charge a service fee, but Customer Service Centers do.